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They felt further descriptions of members by their competitors as “professionals” and “a diverse membership” did not allude to exclusivity, whereas they always described their members as “affluent, high net-worth and ultra high net-worth individuals”, terms which they felt projected a sense of exclusive luxury.

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Given their belief that they began to trade in this capacity before the seven competitors referred to above and the ABIA's view about their services, Seventy Thirty believed their claim of being the longest established in the "exclusive luxury" end of the sector was justified.

Seventy Thirty understood that the previous owner of the business now trading under the name of Berkeley International had previously traded through a company which was dissolved in 1998.

However, they understood that the previous owner incorporated a company in 2002, which changed its name at the time it was sold to the complainant.

Additionally, they understood that the previous owner of complainant’s business did not trade as an introductions agency until 2009, which was the competitor who Seventy Thirty considered to be their ‘true’ competitor.

Therefore, it was their understanding that the previous owner of the complainant’s business had not operated within the introductions sector from 1998.

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