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When Camille was twelve his father sent him to boarding school in France.He studied at the Savary Academy in Passy near Paris. Video on Xtube Showing you my big slit: Watch it here! Video on Xtube Video of my fun double cumshot: Watch it here! POV means point-of-view: a view looking down from the wanker's own perspective. Keep in mind: If I'm not replying, I'm fantasizing. I'm somewhere wanking up a boner for me to enjoy and you. Remember, I like my dick--a lot--and hope you do too. Please leave a comment there if you like it.7/14 NEW! I'm a pretty easygoing guy, and I like polite requests. But I've invited you to my edging session, so I don't want to cum immediately or on demand. I promise in return not to cock-tease and hound you for tokens. Anyway, it's more fun to share comments with the whole group. Jumping between multiple conversations can also become a boner downer just because of the mechanics. I'm quite hairy from the waist down and have furry pits and forearms, but my chest is only moderately hairy. After mashing and getting each other hard, the other guy unfastens my pants, reaches inside my underwear, and pulls out my big dick. That said, my typical hookup starts with making out and almost always follows the same path.

In 1873 he helped establish a collective society of fifteen aspiring artists, becoming the "pivotal" figure in holding the group together and encouraging the other members. More generally, I like making out and love blow jobs and cock-worship, and give as well as I get. In here, I often fantasize about having all of you standing around me stroking your cocks and then one-by-one unloading your cum onto my body, face, or cock, shooter's choice. Just say so.)What do your loyal viewers say about you or your shows? He usually cups the shaft in his hand like he's weighing it, whispers "fuck" or "yeah" or both, and then sucks my big head into his mouth. Video on Xtube Video Request: Touching my big head: Watch it here! Video on Xtube Video of me showering my hairy dick: Watch it here! I do what I would have done alone, while you play along at home. Feedback about me turns on me, and feedback about you does too. But I usually reply by voice, so switch that audio on. Please leave a comment there if you like it.5/17 NEW! Please leave a comment there if you like it.4/25 NEW! Please leave a comment there if you like it.12/4 NEW! When I get the urge to edge, I plop my Surface Pro on my belly, flip the rear camera on, and give you a wanker's view of the fun. Newbie or veteran, don't be shy; let the comments fly. That's why you're welcome to watch me edge and wank it. If you're wanking to what you see, let's hear that too. I try to reply to your comments since you've taken the time to post them. I jump between the chat room and my wanking material elsewhere.

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