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This is like giving an eighth-grader detention when he misses a class in high school. Six pitchers the Mets should target The Mets should have handled this a long time ago, but Harvey was so brilliant earlier in his career that they put up with the diva act. "I'm not going into depth," manager Terry Collins said when asked to explain the suspension after Harvey was scratched from Sunday's start. Not even a few high-scoring wins can overshadow this team's dysfunction.Well, now Harvey is just ordinary and the Mets are in the early stages of another lost season, so they decide to play the tough guy act. "I'm going to keep it in house, the way it's supposed to be." Remember: This is the same Collins who shrugged off so many of Harvey's previous offenses, including when he overslept for a noon workout prior to the 2015 postseason after a night of boozing with friends. What other franchise would allow another star pitcher to refuse a team-recommended MRI and then pitch a few days later?The NAACP said several details raised questions about how the police investigation was conducted and how the finding of suicide was reached.Lacy, who was to start a new high school football season the day he died, was found hanging from a black belt and blue belt tied together — items that his mother said she did not recognize as his.The lightbulb stayed dim for the Dark Knight, and now it seems certain that he'll be taking his tired act someplace else. Both Jake and John are uber forces in Washington and a source said: 'People are wondering what Jeff has planned for John.Shake-up: CNN's new boss Jeff Zucker, pictured left, has hired and fired six big names in his first two days in the job.

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29, one day after the 59th anniversary of the death of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old black boy murdered in Mississippi after reportedly flirting with a white woman.

Injuries may have sapped Harvey's overpowering stuff, but his attitude is what truly threatens his career now.

He is less than two seasons away from free agency, and what seemed like a certainty -- some team giving him a nine-figure contract -- now feels like silly talk. But the Mets did him and themselves no favors with the way they coddled Harvey, hoping that his attitude would finally match his talent.

On Saturday, protesters marched through the heart of town to call for a thorough examination of what happened to Lennon Lacy, who was found hanging by two belts from a playground swing set near his home Aug. The case had appeared to stall for months, but in recent days the demand for answers and suspicions that local authorities allowed the case to founder have grown. Barber said there is evidence “that suggests possible race-based foul play,” including details about Lacy’s romantic relationship with an older white woman.

It was announced Friday that the FBI would look into the case. But Barber said he and the family have not reached any conclusions about what happened. Lacy’s mother, Claudia Lacy, who led the march, said she wants the truth about how her youngest son died.

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