Dating photo retouching

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"If you only focus on photos from the waist up, it can seem like a lie of omission," Davis said.This photo of Tech Insider deputy tech editor Steve Kovach is great and could definitely be included on his profile.For per photo, professional Photoshoppers will make you look like an A-Lister, perfect for your Tinder or Ok Cupid profile.Graphic Designers followed through on client requests and expectations in a timely manner.Ever since the dawn of online dating, there's been one piece of advice we've heard over and over again: Don't Photoshop your profile photo. Because you can sound as charming as can be in your "about me" section, but most of the time, people are looking for a visual that fits before diving into a person's details.

You retain all rights to use, reproduce or display the edited photos under your own name/brand.It definitely isn't a totally realistic photo of me.And according to Davis, that's all because of the angle.It's tempting to only post photos from the neck up, but Davis said this is a no-no.Lots of people care about their potential dates' body type.

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