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These two are not the cleverest of men, but are kind of endearing in a simple, backward farmer type of way.The Ukrainian ladies speak better English than the two guys.In the present day, with mobile Internet and high speed connections it’s possible in a single evening to order food, download and watch a movie, while simultaneously swiping your way through potential dates, all via the internet, without leaving the house.If the local ladies are not to your liking you can even go online and find a huwelijks makelaar and import a woman from Ukraine or Russia, which brings me to the subject of today’s post, from Russia with love.It’s not your looks or personality that they are interested in.

Jeroen and Gerben had evil plans for their two Ukrainian visitors. Upon arriving it’s clear that there are two bedrooms.Some of the other men participating on this show, are hopelessly naive, and when their mail order brides have divorced them and plundered their bank accounts they will live to regret their Russian adventures, but until then tune in and laugh. No Dutch pimps were hurt during the writing of this post. There are plenty of Ugg boot and jeans wearing ladies here. Hundreds of single Russian women join our site every week.So Jeroen and Gerben, two eligible bachelors that spent time in Ukraine using the services of a huwelijks makelaar have returned home.Gerben had some success in the Ukraine with a woman who was looking for a fine hunky specimen of Dutch male.

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