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I want to devote my time for my woman and children.I’m looking for: As for me ...i am seeking a Matured woman who is honest,loving,caring,kind heart, GOD Fearing,open minded,who has sense of humor, understandable, considerate, loyal, polite, calm and generous,a person who has a prestige and integrity and i believe if we both have trust and faith in oneanother definitely things will turn out reality for us: More about me Education: Bachelors Degree Occupation: Labor/Construction Real Esate management Income: ,000 to ,000Looking for: Marriage Sign: Gemini Gemini Hello Sweetie Hello Pretty, how are you doing this morning? I was really thinking about you since i sent you message in the first place.I like to laugh and make people laugh, i don't like to feel sad or boring.I am looking forward to prepare aromantic meal with my wife in the kitchen mostly weekends.I am looking forward to starting the second phase of my life outside of the work and totally embracing what will be my new home/community. I am passionate about being involved again and extending that family unit. I always speak my mind, I laugh when I have to, I cry if I need to and I love without conviction.I define my own standards, my own style and I live by my own perception of what life is.

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Well to tell you about me, I am pretty Single and independent with one son. I lost my wife 2years and some months ago and ever since i lost my wife i dont really have time for any woman.Sweetie i will really love to know more aboutyourself? I will be looking forward to your can get yahoo messenger so that we can start communicating better,my id on messenger is...Liam Berks Male, 24from leeds-my name is liam berks-i am 18 and just passed my driving test-my home town is leeds-i am currently single and looking-my weekend usually consist of drinking and partying lol-i own a pug 206i have only just started my bebo account today cause i was bored lol 30/10/06-ADD MY MSN ITS Gerald Anthony Smith Studied at Cardiff University In a relationship About Gerald Honestly, I've been on this for about 1I am average handsome (so I'm told), physically fit, black eyes, full head of clean cut black hair, never been married, no children, non-smoker, do not do drugs and drink socially and responsibly. Although I am a responsible adult, I will always have the kid in me I was when I was 19.

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