Ella koon dating

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The tabloids reported that after failing to reconcile with the already married Toby Leung, Ron started to send former girlfriend Ella Koon text messages consistently, asking for reconciliation.

When asked if there is a possibility that the two of them are reuniting, the actress, who is currently dating a doctor responded, "I have just signed with a new company.

Suki has lost a game, therefore as a punishment, she had to eat cream.

But she put the cream all over the face of Patrick Tang, the host. Suki revealed that she knew she would get dirty when she was playing those games.

16 Nov – Cantopop singer Ella Koon has recently dismissed rumours of her pregnancy.

As reported on Mingpao News, the singer, who sparked speculations of a bun in the oven when she attended an event wearing a pair of flat shoes and lose skirt recently, laughed off the notion, saying, "Don't scare me like that!

Therefore she didn't apply so much make up on.

She saoid "I love playing games, it is so exciting and I want to win a lot of money for the Chinese New Year." Reporter asked if she was worried that Ella might get annoyed with her since she had made her dirty?

I have to manage so many things that I don't have time dating.

Suki replied "Not really,we are friends and I don't think she minds.

Good atmosphere for the game." Before Ella went to the studio, she said "I knew there would be a game to seeo can shut the loudest.

Nicknamed as the "Cook from Hell" Ella Koon attended a cooking competition in Beijing with Kama, Pakkho Chau and music newcomer Hinson Chou. She met this boyfriend through a friend and has known him for half a year, they have been dating for 3 months now.

The other day, the Media photographed her with a foreign male "boyfriend" who took her home, Ella frankly admitted that her boyfriend has French and Chinese blood and is a service specialist. Ella expressed that when she was photographed by the Media, her parents were also at home too.

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