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This is the domain of the 1960s tailfin Peugeot 404.Dusty beige pickup versions cart coloured plastic crates of dates, including contraband ones from the great Algerian palmeraies.On to Tozeur across the Chott El Jerid, the great saline tray whose brown crusted surface, dotted with dirty piles of salt and tiny domed shrines, conceals a shallow layer of water.

The opposition also accused the government of using the constituent assembly to push through legislation that would enable them to stay in power.A palm rat slipped behind a boulder, frogs croaked in the reeds of a rock pool, back at the car park a boy snoozed by the espresso machine.Later I heard haunting choral singing emanating from a tent under the palms of a central square. Dates as in 14 January 2011, on the postcards and T-shirts commemorating the start of the Arab Spring, and dates as in piles of sticky caramel fruit, on special offer in all the shops as the new harvest hits the shelves.Life in the capital bustles on amiably, the barbed wire and armoured vehicles outside the French Embassy more reassuring than threatening.

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