Government mandating of prices when your parents start dating divorce

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Those of us who understand rudimentary economics – and/or those of us who have paid any attention at all to the last half century-plus – know the government mandating maximums and minimums is a ridiculously bad idea.Republican President Richard Nixon imposed (wage and) price controls – maximums on what can be charged. It was a part of Nixon government-mandating flurry that was subsequently dubbed “The Nixon Shock.” That doesn’t sound very good: “The centerpiece of the Nixon Shock was its controls on prices.What did the government mandating a sixfold increase in “broadband” – actually accomplish? And if the government determines that the private sector is failing to adequately deploy broadband – the government thereby grants itself permission to greatly increase its role in broadband deployment.In 2015, the government six-fold-plus increased its definition of “broadband.” And in 2016, here are some of the very first sentences of its 2016 “Broadband Progress Report”: “While the nation continues to make progress in broadband deployment, many Americans still lack access to advanced, high-quality voice, data, graphics and video offerings….

A backlash may result that could even imperil the effort to protect the environment.

Only when President Reagan finally lifted the controls on oil and gasoline in 1981 did the specter of short supplies finally disappear.” So government maximum mandates don’t work. Minimum Wage Hikes Are Causing Businesses to Cut Jobs Why Raising The Minimum Wage Kills Jobs More Evidence That Increasing Minimum Wage Kills Jobs The Evidence Is Piling Up That Higher Minimum Wages Kill Jobs The avalanche of evidence is – government shouldn’t be arbitrarily imposing floors and ceilings.

The marketplace should be setting the standards – based upon what We the Consumers want. In 2015, the Barack Obama Administration artificially, ridiculously raised the minimum speed for what the government says counts as “broadband” – to light years beyond what We the Consumers actually need for any and everything we do on the Web.

Seton Motley is the president of Less Government, a DC-based non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the power of government and protecting the First Amendment from governmental assault.

One of America's leading authorities on technology and telecom policy, Motley is a writer, television and radio commentator, political and policy strategist, lecturer, debater, activist, and policy advisor to The Heartland Institute.

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