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My study of global and chromosome arm-specific telomere length measured prior to diagnosis, variation in telomere structure and maintenance genes, and lung cancer risk and survival (R01 CA151989, PI JA Doherty) in heavy smokers is by far the largest prospective study to date, and the only study to examine chromosome arm specific telomere length as well as relationships with survival.

Ovarian cancer is challenging to study for a number of reasons.

To elucidate similarities and differences in epidemiologic and genetic risk factors and survival across the histologies and HGSC subtypes of ovarian cancer, with the goal of understanding the underlying causes of each so that preventive measures can be developed; 2.

To identify candidate genes and pathways that drive the development of each of the subtypes so that targeted treatments can be developed; and 3.

He is to have no contact with victim, victim's family or potential witnesses; no unsupervised contact with minors.

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Lung cancer is responsible for more deaths than prostate, breast and colon cancers combined.

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Usually at a rate of 10 days per month, whereas no participation will only earn five days per month.

Low dose CT scan screening of high-risk individuals holds promise to reduce lung cancer mortality, but the false positive rate even among this high-risk group remains quite high.

My work focuses on identifying factors that differentiate between individuals with a heavy smoking history who will, and who will not, eventually develop lung cancer, with the goal of incorporating these factors into models for risk stratification for lung cancer screening regimens, and reducing false positives.

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