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However, every year a number of books and magazines are classified.Some are submitted for classification by distributors wanting to make sure they are able to legally market the material.We classify movies and TV shows that are being made available to the New Zealand public via streaming or download from a website.

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Unlike films, books and magazines are not required to be classified before they are supplied to the public.If the film has not been classified in Australia, but has been given an unrestricted classification in the UK (a U, PG or 12) then the Labelling Body will base the New Zealand classification on that.The only recognises the Australian and British classification systems - it doesn't take into account the classifications given in any other countries.Most of the cinema films we classify are feature length movies, but we can classify anything shown on a cinema screen.When the Classification Office opened in 1994, the vast majority of movies screened in cinemas were in the format of 35mm celluloid film reels.

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